Power Management ICs

Linear Regulators (LDO Regulators)

ABLIC’s linear regulators (LDO regulators) feature the low current consumption, high-withstand voltage, wide operating voltage range, super-small packages, and high ripple rejection ratio. Our LDO regulators contribute to the low power, stable operation and high reliability of power supply circuits. ABLIC offers a wide variety of product lines including a soft start circuit, a inrush current limit circuit, discharge shunt function, output voltage external setting, output capacitor-less, a supply voltage divided output to meet customers needs.

*Our voltage regulator (LDO regulator) product line has been renamed to “linear regulator” (LDO regulator). This is a change in name only, which does not affect product specifications or performance. Please note that the previous name may still be used in some of our data sheets and other publications.

Series Name
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Features, Option*
* ICL: Inrush current control,
TS: Thermal shutdown, DS: Discharge shunt
Series Name

75Linear- output current, 16V inputSOT-23-5, SOT-89-3, SOT-89-5, SNT-6A(H), TO-92, WLP-4R

75Linear- output currentSOT-23-5, SOT-89-3, SC-82AB, SNT-4A, TO-92

1000Linear2.5162.56.02.030-0.14.7With an external taransistorSOT-23-5

100LDO1. current consumption, overcurrent protectionSOT-23-5, HSNT-4(1010)

100LDO1. current consumption, overcurrent protectionSOT-23-5, HSNT-4(1010)

150LDO2. product with high ripple rejectionSOT-23-5, SNT-6A(H)

150LDO2. product with high ripple rejectionSOT-23-5

150LDO2. current consumption, high ripple rejectionSOT-23-5, SNT-6A(H)

150LDO1. super-small package, TS*, DS* SOT-23-5, HSNT-4(0808), HSNT-4(1010)

150LDO2. productSC-82AB, SNT-4A

150LDO1. ripple rejection, Soft start function, DS*SOT-23-5, SC-82AB, HSNT-4 (1010)

150LDO2. current protection, TS*, DS*SOT-23-5, SC-82AB, HSNT-4(1010)


150LDO2.0101.55.51.018700.140.110V input supportSOT-23-5, SNT-6A(H), HSNT-6A


200LDO3.0282.312.01.06.5-0.351.0Low-profile 0.33mm(max.), low consump., TS*, DS*TO-252-5S(A), HSOP-8A, HSOP-6, SOT-89-5, HTMSOP-8, SOT-23-5, DFN-6(1518)A

200LDO1. super-small package, TS*, DS*SOT-23-5, SC-82AB, HSNT-4(0808), HSNT-4(1010)

200LDO1. capacitor-less, DS*SOT-23-5, HSNT-6(1212)

200LDO1. consump., low noise 17μVrmsSOT-23-5, SC-82AB, HSNT-4(1010)


250LDO1. current consumptionSOT-23-3, SOT-89-3, SNT-6A(H)

300LDO2.µF capcitor availableSOT-23-5, SOT-89-5, SNT-6A(H)

300LDO2.0101.28.21.060700.131.0External setting of Vout support, TS*SOT-89-5, SNT-8A

300LDO1. high heat dissipation package, DS*SOT-23-5, SOT-89-5, HSNT-6A

300LDO1. start, DS*SOT-23-5, SOT-89-5, SNT-6A(H)

300LDO1. super-small package, TS*, DS*SOT-23-5, HSNT-4(0808), HSNT-4(1010)

500LDO1.*, TS*SOT-89-5

800LDO2.*SOT-89-5, 6-Pin_HSON(A)

1000LDO1.*, TS*SOT-89-5, HSOP-6

1000LDO1. setting of Vout support, ICL*, TS*, DS*HSOP-8A, HSOP-6, SOT-89-5, HSNT-6A

300LDO-, SOT-89-5

400LDO+VD2. LDO circuit + 1 detector circuitSOT-23-5, SOT-89-5

1502 LDOs2. LDO circuits, DS*SOT-23-6, SNT-6A

1502 LDOs1. LDO circuits, high ripple rejectionSOT-23-6, SNT-6A

100LDO1. voltage divided outputSOT-23-5, HSNT-6(1212), HSNT-4(1010)

1502 LDOs1. LDO circuits, delay function, TS*, DS*SOT-23-6, HSNT-6(1212)

50VR+VD- input support VR + detectorSOT-89-5

250LDO3.0362.5162.06.5400.351.036V high input, 105℃ operation, TS*, DS*TO-252-5S(A), SOT-23-5, SOT-89-5, HSOP-6, HSOP-8A, HTMSOP-8

500LDO2.8361.8301.05-0.131.0External setting of Vout support, 36V high input, 105℃ operation, TS*, DS*TO-252-5S(A), HSOP-8A

1000LDO2.8361.8301.05-0.131.0External setting of Vout support, 36V high input, 105℃ operation, TS*, DS*TO-252-5S(A), HSOP-8A

200LDO3.0502.0151.04500.350.150V high input (low current consumption), TS*HSOP-6

200LDO3.0502.0151.04500.350.150V high input (low current consumption), TS*HSOP-6

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