Power Management ICs

Lithium-ion Battery Protection ICs

ABLIC has been developing and producing lithium-ion rechargeable battery protection ICs since 1993, and have a track record of more than 20 years in the industry. We offer a diverse lineup of approximately 1,750 battery protection ICs covering a wide range of cell counts, applications and protection functions. ABLIC also provides strong support for safety-oriented battery pack development including high accuracy, low current consumption, small and lightweight packages, cascade connection allowing connection in series for multi cell batteries, and second protection.

Series Name
(Product Summary)
Data SheetApplication
FunctionApplicationOvercharge Detection
Voltage (Accuracy)
Overdischarge Detection
Voltage (Accuracy)
Overcurrent Detection
Voltage (Accuracy)
Detection Delay
Series Name
Cell balancing, overcharge protectionEDLC protection2.0 to 4.6V (±0.5%)---SOT-23-6

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